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Best Design Tips

Design is a skill that is needed in just about any art form. From illustrations to fashion and from web design to architecture, design plays a major part in the final result of the art. Having a solid understanding of design will aid you in your pursuit of any field related to the arts. Here is a selection what we believe are the best design tips.

Determine the Focus

Every project or art piece should have a focal point, even if that focal point is just the overall design as a whole. The focal point is where you want to draw the viewer’s eyes. This can be applied to web design, an illustration, or even a dress. Where do you want people to look as they examine the final piece? For people that speak a language with written text read left to right, the eye is trained to start in the upper left corner and work its way across the object, page, or picture.

Choosing Complementary Colors

The use of complementary colors is a major part of design, especially for fashion and graphic design. There are websites you can use to find the exact complementary colors of any color that you input. Complementary colors are more pleasing to the eye.

Choose Colors Wisely

Using too many colors can distract the viewer, which is why in advertising, logo design, and marketing you often see a limit of 3 different colors. That makes it important to carefully consider what colors you are going to use. Also, colors are often associated with specific feelings or emotions. Do some research to find a suitable set of colors to project a mood or concept.

Decide on a Platform

How are people going to be viewing your finished project? If you are working on graphic design or illustration, they will probably be viewing the work on a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. There will be a difference to how something is viewed on a mobile phone and how it will be viewed on a desktop monitor. As you work on the design of your project, remember the method or platform that will be used to view it.

Keep it Simple

If your project is related to advertising or marketing, such as with web design, you will want to keep your design simple. This is the same thought process behind preventing yourself from using too many colors. You do not want to clutter the design. Website visitors want to quickly find what they are looking for and move on. Make sure the primary content of a website is immediately visible. When designing a logo, you will want a design that can easily be scaled to different sizes and used on letterheads, stationery, and other company items.

Review Your Work

If you have the time available, it is a good idea to sit on your finished work for a day. The following morning take a fresh look at the finished work and decide if you need to make any changes. This little step can make a big difference, especially if you spent hours rushing to complete the project on time. Taking a step back gives you new perspective.

Know When to Stop

While the last tip, reviewing your work is a smart idea, you also need to know when to stop. Often, the biggest critic of a finished work is the designer behind the project. You need to finish your work eventually, so after giving your work one last examination, be ready to move on and call it done. Once you decide that the work is completed, do not be tempted to get it back out and start tweaking it.

These are some general design tips that you should keep in mind when working on art. These tips can be used by web designers, fashion designers, illustrators, sculptors, or any other type of artist. As with any skill, keep learning and expand your knowledge of design. If you have a question about design, please leave a comment or send me a message.

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